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Core Photos - Hole #3: Photos in progress, will be made available as soon as possible

Stars Property Fact Sheet

The Stars Property is an exploration stage porphyry copper-gold-silvermolybdenum project that is accessible by vehicle and is close to infrastructure. The 2,136 hectare property is underlain by volcanic flows and tuffs of the Lower Jurassic Telkwa Formation and sandstones, shales and siltstones of the Lower Cretaceous Skeena Group. The volcanic units on the property have been intruded by quartz monzonite stocks, thought to belong to the Bulkley Intrusive Suite, in at least two locations.

The property is situated 60 km north-northwest of Goldcorp Canada Ltd.’s past producing Equity Silver Mine. Imperials Metals Corp.’s Huckleberry Copper-Gold-Silver mine lies 58 km to the south of the Stars Property.

The Corridor Image labeled 2 stars property location map

stars exploration target1
Heavily altered and mineralized volcanics intruded by feldspar porphyries. Chip sample across 1metre @ 1% Cu and 0.28 g/t Au.
stars exploration target2
Massive Bornite–Chalcocite (Bo-Cc) mineralization with malachite staining in quartz muscovite altered host rock

stars exploration target3
Pyrite chalcopyrite, chalcocite, bornite in quartz vein material

  • High-Grade Results from Surface: Hole 4 intersected 40.2 metres of 1.02% copper equivalent (0.93% Cu) from 26.52m to 66.72m (bedrock begins at 21.58m) within a larger interval grading 0.50% CuEq (0.45% Cu) over 204m from 23.47m to 227.69m.

  • Porphyry System Confirmed: Dr. Paul Johnston, an independent porphyry expert who recently reviewed the project drill core comments: “Mineralization [observed in the Stars drill core] is consistent with mineralized features associated with a porphyry system” and suggests that “the [current] drilling is in a marginal position relative to the porphyry centre” where it is reasonable to expect higher copper grades.

  • Drill Hole Chemistry Indicates A Significant Upside Target: Drilling to date has identified a clear systematic zonation of sulphide minerals where pyrite-only mineralization transitions to pyrite-chalcopyrite to chalcopyrite-only to chalcopyrite-bornite moving towards the newly identified “central” target area. This pattern has been identified in both areas drilled in the current program and in both cases displays an increasing temperature gradient towards the “centre” target area possible indicating a better-mineralized copper porphyry centre.

  • Potential for Multiple High Grade Zones: The near-surface high-grade zone discovered in hole 4 could play a significant role in the economics required to build a mine. The location of the zone on the edge of the ovoid magnetic “ring” feature indicates that there could be additional high-grade zones elsewhere within the magnetic ring feature which extends approximately 5 kilometres in diameter (long axis) (see Figure 1).

  • Close to Infrastructure: Year round road access, proximal rail, access to cheap power and water, access to a major port (Kitimat), low relief topography, and a near-by population centre put the Stars project in an ideal location for low-cost mine development.

Although outcrop exposure is limited, several occurrences of copper ± gold ± silver have been located on the property, and copper mineralization has been encountered in historical drilling. Mineralization encountered to date consists of disseminated chalcopyrite and bornite, chalcopyrite and molybdenite in narrow veinlets and locally sulphide-dominated chalcopyrite-bornite-chalcocite veins. Two areas of anomalous copper geochemistry have been identified through soil sampling which are coincident with areas of high IP chargeability.

Stars 2018 Planned DDH Charge 3S Stars 2018 Planned DDH Mag 3S Stars 2018 Planned DDH Mag Ana 3S
Map for News Feb 28 Final stars ip1 Erdenet Stars Model v2

New 2018 Geophysics Identifies Porphyry Centre: The recent detailed airborne magnetic survey identified a cluster of covered and untested circular magnetic anomalies between the two zones drilled in the current program and centered within a larger ovoid magnetic “ring” feature (or “magnetic halo”) approximately 5 kilometres in diameter (long axis).

Location of ML Gold’s STARS Project
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Stars Section 1-4
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Magnetic Plan Map with Hole 7
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8-27-2018 Figure 1: Cross-section View A - A'
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8-27-2018 Figure 2: Plan Map
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Outcropping bornite-chalcocite, chalcopyrite, pyri...
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Blebs of chalcopyrite in quartz vein from Road Zon...
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Disseminated chalcopyrite and pyrite in diorite, w...
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Rock samples from the Road Zone, with chalcocite, ...
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View looking Southwest across Start Property – ext...
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